What do you get when you combine three stylish brothers – an MIT graduate, a Paris menswear associate, and a Calvin Klein team member – with a brilliant business idea and a fresh approach to men’s fashion?

Founded in 2007, MACEOO applies a host of unique methodologies to the design and construction of men’s fashion. Drawing upon the personal expertise of each brother, MACEOO is the first fashion house to mathematically engineer precise design, fit, and comfort into every garment, through use of an innovative algebraic algorithm. This proprietary algorithm, based upon data from 30 million North American men, ensures a perfect fit that feels custom tailored. And with MACEOO’s distinctively engineered Italian fabrics, you get natural stretch and breathability without the expense of dry cleaning.

Featured in many of the world’s finest establishments across five continents, MACEOO is popular with celebrities and professional athletes, all of whom demand MACEOO’s flattering, precision fit. Our flagship store is located in the historic Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego, California. The founders often work with clients at this location, because at MACEOO, fashion is more than just a statement. We listen to our clients’ needs, and we strive to incorporate their desires in each new collection. Our goal is to create fashion that enhances our client’s lives, and helps to tell their individual story. We support our clients in creating lasting memories, as they express themselves through our designs.


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