Scientifically Better

Scientifically Better

Perfect Fit Perfect Fit


Exclusive Fit Algorithm

Machine Washable Machine Washable

Drama Free

Easy Iron & Machine Washable

Italian Engineered Fabrics Italian Engineered Fabrics

Engineered Fabrics

Lets your Body Breathe

Authentic Craftsmanship Authentic Craftsmanship

Lifetime Garment

Highest Quality Craftsmanship

A Change In You A Change In You

A Change In You

Clothes that turn heads

The Engineered Perfect Fit

Discover the only fit designed by an algorithm to cleverly hide flaws, improve posture, and enhance masculine assets... 

Mathematically Better

The Fit Algorithm

MACEOO is the first fashion house to mathematically engineer precise design, fit, and comfort through an innovative algebraic algorithm. This proprietary algorithm, based upon data from 30 million North American men, ensures a fit that feels custom-tailored. 

Experience none of the fit issues of standard dress shirts. No extra unwanted fabric hanging which maintains the “non-sloppy” appearance. The collar was designed specifically to not wear on or cause discomfort to the neck. Hidden under collar buttons keep collar from falling down or opening up. Shirt trim is wider, stiffer and thus more noticeable and with a cleaner line – we don’t short-change you on the details!

A Change in You

Cut For Confidence

Thanks to our expert engineering team, we have  created our special cut that is designed to pull the shoulders back, improving posture which causes “life changing”effects, including a significant boost in confidence. This feature also decreases pains in the neck & back due to poor posture.

The cut strategically hides extra weight around the waist, while accentuating the masculine form, increasing the ratio of the male “V” form, and making the muscles of the shoulders, chest & arms look bigger and the waist look slimmer.

Confidence is naturally increased, leading to sexual benefits. We like to joke that “When you wear Maceoo... if you are single you will get married. If you are married you will get divorced.”

Stretch Fabric

Maceoo's Performance Fabric dress shirts take your daily fashion problems head on. Four way stretch everywhere so you can move freely. Non-wrinkle. Easy wash. With a stiff collar & cuff that always look polished. 

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Italian Jacquard Fabric

Our Italian made designer Jacquard fabric dress shirts are incredibly soft and made from clean ultra-breathable Egyptian cotton. Jacquard patterns are woven into the fabric, resulting in unique 3 dimensional and iridescent patterns. 

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Lifetime Garment

Strongest Thread

We use the strongest thread in the world, made in Germany. To maintain our lifetime garment that will not tear under extreme conditions (like when you flex those guns). 

Lifetime Garment

European Artisans

The shirts are made with a combination of the best of each computer and artisan hand-making. Sewing is done by hand by artisan seamstresses with over 60 years combined experience using state of the art sewing machines, this is how we ensure the optimal fit is maintained. 

Lifetime Garment


Maceoo's custom fit is built piece by piece, 26 precision laser cut pieces to be exact. Stitched together thoughtfully by Turkish artisans. 



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