The Beirut explosion hits close to home as MACEOO's designer and CEO, Mehdi Raad, was only 200 ft from the dock during the crisis. The MACEOO family is so thankful he made it to safety, but we feel strongly to pull our resources and support those in need with your help. 

The explosion was extremely powerful causing at least 171 deaths, 6,000 injuries, over 10 billion in property damage, and left an estimated 300,000 people homeless.

Due to these dire circumstances, MACEOO will match donations and will make a trip back to Beirut with the funds raised to make sure they end up in the right hands and support the community in healing and rebuilding.

Together let's #buildupbeirut

Maceoo designer Mehdi Raad and friend Spencer making it to safety after the explosion

Attendees at burial

"We kept hearing the screams. I heard her voice. But we couldn't do anything. It still hurts," said neighbour Johnny Khawand. ALKIS KONSTANTINIDIS/REUTERS

remains of a house

The remains of a house damaged by the explosion in the Karantina neighbourhood of Beirut. ALKIS KONSTANTINIDIS/REUTERS

In Karantina

One of Beirut's neighbourhoods located near the port, people are still reeling from the explosion that flattened homes and killed many in a neighbourhood where everyone felt like family. ALKIS KONSTANTINIDIS/REUTERS