Maceo [Latin] - Gift of God

Our inspiration comes from General Maceo who led Cuba to Independence against the Spaniards. Maceo was known as the Great Titan Lion because of his exceptional physical strength. Moreover, in several of his battles, he exhibited a resistance to bullet and blade wounds.

Today we may not be on the same battlefield of Maceo, but we are on a modern battlefield striving for success and legacy. In the past, one had to conquer and stand victorious wearing the appropriate armor for protection. Today, YOUR only armor is MACEOO!


Not Identical To

The three parallel, horizontal bars in MACEOO are inspired by the mathematical symbol of Not identical with or not to be confused with. The mathematical symbol is inspired by our own developed algorithm based on uniqueness and symbolism.

Our purpose at Maceoo is simple. It is to separate you from the crowd so you can be your very best. Think of us as the blue pill in the movie limitless!


The Inspiration Behind Maceoo

When an MIT Engineer, a French menswear associate, and a business industrial major happen to be born in the same family, the result is innovation.

I used to design Telecom networks around the globe, from LTE networks to Apple devices.

While working around the world, I had difficulty finding clothes that were appealing and comfortable.

Inspired to make a change, I decided to code an algorithm based on a sample of 30,000 million people to fix this very issue. I wanted fashion and comfort combined!

It began in San Diego at the Andaz Hotel, the current home of Maceoo. Here I met the owner of a little Italian factory who decided to join me in creating our very first shirt based on this new innovative model. After five years of having two jobs, in order to pay the bills and work in my true passion, we reached 365 Point of Sale and a full team of warriors to help Maceoo grow.


When Fashion Meets Science

Founded in 2007, MACEOO has applied unique methodologies when designing and constructing men’s fashion. MACEOO is the first fashion house to mathematically engineer precise design, fit, and comfort through an innovative algebraic algorithm.

This proprietary algorithm, based upon data from 30 million North American men, ensures a custom tailored feel and a perfect fit using performance fabrics.


Clothes that Turn Heads

Thanks to our expert engineering team, we have mastered the art of comfort and fit, and are amongst the few who set trends and designs in the fashion marketplace.

Versatile in concept, you can wear each piece at your workplace, or for tonight’s special occasion.

We continue to innovate and push the construction of each garment by coming up with never seen patterns and designs. It is not only about solving a comfort problem by using technology, but it is also solving it with a sense of style.