How to Wear Men's Dress Shirts the Right Way

Custom tailored dress shirts are becoming more popular than ever. Wearing dress shirts can, for some men, prove to be a nightmare. Dress shirts can, though, have a transformative impact on how men present themselves. Whether going out, or merely for attending an interview, it’s important to get the look exactly right. One of the great problems with non-tailored dress shirts is that they fail to capitalize on the person’s natural form.

Below, we delve into the top tips to help you wear men’s dress shirts the right way. Dress shirts come in a wide variety of forms – some costing as little as $19.99 and some costing upwards of $700 per piece. However, custom-tailored men’s dress shirts needn’t be an expensive affair. For example, Maceoo produce meticulously engineered men’s dress shirts at a modest, affordable cost – prices that don’t have to break the bank. By tailoring the shirt to the specific needs of your body, wearing dress shirts becomes a breeze.

What are men’s dress shirts?

Many men are unfamiliar with the wide variety of shirts available to them. When we talk about men’s dress shirts, for example, we’re talking about long-sleeved, button-up shirts with a collar and wrist cuffs.

The great thing about dress shirts is how versatile they are. You can purchase a custom-made shirt with a pattern and color ideal for an interview, ideal for physical activity, or ideal for an important corporate meeting. It can look casual or look formal, depending on how you wear the shirt.

Getting the right size

One of the great problems with standard dress shirts is that they’re made for everyone. No matter what neck size you have, nor what arm or waist size, you can never find the perfect shirt. It’s a common and unfortunate experience that many people find dress shirts ideal for their collar but uncomfortable at the cuff, or vice versa. Some people find the ideal neck size but find the shirt too big and “hanging off” in a way that doesn’t support the natural form of the person.

First and foremost, the dress shirt should be comfortable. This means:

  • Ensuring sufficient room exists between the shirt and your neck. Too often, people purchase dress shirts without the necessary space that maximizes comfort. You should aim to approximately an inch gap between the neck and shirt when fully buttoned.
  • Similarly, you should ensure a sufficient gap exists between the cuff and your forearm. In real terms, this means ensuring the shirt does not extend more than an inch to an inch-and-a-half beyond the end of your wrist. It should be comfortable enough to allow you to extend your arms without the shirt rising your forearm.
  • How the shirt fits your shoulder is an important consideration. This means ensuring the shirt extends to the end of your shoulder, without hanging off. It should create a defined look that complements the entire shoulder length.
  • Your chest and waist matter, too. You should be able to tuck in the shirt with approx. 2-3 inches of available space. This depends person-to-person, of course, but the general rule of having sufficient “breathing space” is important. It means you can comfortably tuck the shirt without either the chest or waist coming with unnecessary extensions. There needs to be a balance between comfort and fit, with neither compromising the other; rather, each complementing each other.

That’s why custom men’s dress shirts are becoming more popular than ever. Consumers realise that the best way to project the natural form of their bodies is to wear a shirt specific to their needs and circumstances.

In later posts on men’s dress shirts, we’re going to review several other key fashion factors. This means talking about shirt buttons, cuffs, style and design – offering a complete solution to your dress needs.

Maceoo is the leading supplier of high-end tailored men’s clothing. Through our meticulously engineered approach, we have designed a unique range of men’s dress shirts that offer the very best in comfort, fit and style. Explore our online catalog today.

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