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If you’re a fan of men’s dress shirts, you know how important it remains to get the look right. In previous blog entries, we reviewed some of the essential factors you should consider – elements such as patterns, colors and shirt fit. In other words, getting the final look right requires a multifactorial approach; tackling the look across many fronts.

In today’s blog, we go one step further – reviewing the factors that influence collars of men’s dress shirts. Many men overlook the importance of the need to get collars and cuffs right. We’ll explore the many different types of collars, summarising the factors you need to consider before making your next purchase.

Types of Collar

Have you ever considered the different types of collar on offer? The value that each can bring to your overall look?

There are two main types of men’s dress shirt collar:

The first are point collars. Even if you aren’t familiar with the name, you’ll be familiar with the look. In fact, 19 out of every 20 shirts made in the United States comes with a point collar. The advantage of the point collar is clear; to draw points of the collar down to naturally guide the eyes from the face down to the chest.

However, even though most dress shirts in the US are point collars, that doesn’t mean they’re manufactured in the most fashion-conscious way.

Instead, the points of the collar are often too far apart. That’s why precision tailoring is an essential alternative to maximize the best possible look. Tailored shirts overcome this now common deficiency with off-the-rack men’s dress shirts.

The second type is spread collars. As the name suggests, the idea behind spread collars is to separate the points of the collar further apart. This has two principal effects. First, it exposes more of the shirt to the eye. Second, it complements those with longer-shaped heads. Those with longer heads would not suit a point collar as much, as the focus would represent the face and the neck as one continuously long element. By using a spread collar, it eliminates the congruity between the head and neck.

Final thoughts

The take home points are these – that the style of collar you choose has an enormous impact on your overall look.

Based on your physical size, your head size and neck type – the collar choice you make can accentuate or damage that look. As we have learned, those with longer-shaped heads match best with spread collars. The idea is to frame the man’s face in a balanced manner – where the focus is neither on one side of the neck or the other – but a balanced focus that draws the eye down in the best possible way.

Be sure to check back to our fashion blog in the near future as we add even more great tips to help you maximize your look. Maceoo is the leading provider of quality, tailored men’s dress shirts. As we lead up to Thanksgiving and the holiday season, take the time to explore our online catalog today for some great deals.

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